[PERIPERA] Ink Setting All Day Make up Fixer
PERIPERA Ink Setting All Day Make up Fixer 60ml Keep today’s makeup in place ! Long-lasting makeup in any environment Tidied up skin texture after simply spraying ! Pure skin look ♡ * Effect Keep the stuffy mask zone smudge-free No rubbing...
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[CLIO] Micro-Fessional Makeup Lock Fixer
CLIO Micro-Fessional Makeup Lock Fixer 100ml Touch-ups? Totally unnecessary! Lock in your makeup and maintain perfection all day. * Effect Doesn't leave skin feeling tight or dry! The formula is infused with mineral-rich Whistler glacial water to ensure dewy and...
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[PERIPERA] Ink Setting Mascara Fixer
Peripera Ink Setting Mascara Fixer 6g quick drying fixing texture makes mascara stay put! No more worrying about smudging and sagging lashes! * Effect he light but elastic chewing gum formula wraps and lifts up each eyelash and coats it...
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