[CLIO] Kill Lash Mascara Remover
CLIO Kill Lash Mascara Remover 8.5g Cleanses neatly and powerfully as soon as you put it on ! * Effect The bent brush applies content on the front, back and under the eyelashes in detail. The brush can cleanse each...
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[PERIPERA] Ink Lip & Eye Remover
PERIPERA Lip & Eye Remover 100ml The excellent balance of water-and oil-based phases enables this biphasic remover to easily and perfectly cleanse all makeup including stubborn waterproof mascaras. Infused with three forms of hyaluronic acid and avocado oil for sensitive...
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[CLIO] Micro-Fessional Deep Clean Lip & Eye Remover
CLIO Micro-Fessional Deep Clean Lip & Eye Remover 110ml Deep removal, leaving only a light finish ! * Effect Double deep cleansing of even strong point makeup with the combination of oil and water that provides an excellent cleansing effect...
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