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[PERIPERA] Makeup Brand Box Set

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[PERIPERA] Makeup Brand Box Set

① PERIPERA Duo Pocket Glitter Shadow


  • Softly glowing shimmer full of clear and dense sparkles

  • PEARL-formance improves the halo effect of eye makeup that used to look boring even after applying half-half mixture

  • Practical pearl combination that can be used easily anytime, anywhere


  • #01 Caramelized Salt : Glow champagne series that can be used by anyone

  • #02 Seashell Crumble : Coolish white series with bright and clear coloration

  • #03 Salted Sugar Plum : Sparkling pink series with noticeable points

* Makeup Tips - Single USE

  • Apply only the shimmer or glitter texture on the desired area with a finger or brush.

  • Coloration can be increased with layered applications of the shimmer texture.

  • With a fine brush, apply glitter on the inner corner of the eyes and along the water line.

  • Create a color base using a shimmer texture or matte color on the eyelid.

  • Using a Q-tip or glitter brush, apply glitter in dots on the center of the eyelids, on the inner corner of the eyes, and along waterline to add a point.

  • Create a pearl tone to other areas of the body in addition to face such as along the collarbone, neck, cheek bones, and fingers.

② PERIPERA Ink Stick Serum

Radiates clearly like how water glows ! Water glow stick that shines like water


  • The water like, moisturizing radiance shines through clearly without stuffiness, no matter how many times you layer it

  • A daily product that even people who are trying the glow look for the first time can use easily, because it can be used on full makeup as well as no makeup

  • Not only enhances, but also doubles the product’s clear radiance, and helps the color look even more clear when it meets the water glow radiance

③ PERIPERA Double Longwear Cover Concealer

Stays in place on your skin! Adheres tightly to your skin!


  • Neither heavy nor thick due to the aqua peeling system, it naturally stays in place!
  • Stays in place with highly adhesive and tight coverage! Long-lasting cover concealer perfect for sensitive skin
  • Dense and firm coverage against skin impurities with double powder containing a mixture of different particles!
  • It can be used in various ways such as covering up dark circles and skin flaws (zits) as well as a lip base depending on your skin concerns!

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[PERIPERA] Makeup Brand Box Set
Glitter Shadow 01 Caramelized Salt / Stick Serum 01 Fresh Pink / Concealer 01 Pure Ivory - $19.99