[PERIPERA] Ink Stick Serum

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PERIPERA Ink Stick Serum 3.5g

Radiates clearly like how water glows ! Water glow stick that shines like water


  • The water like, moisturizing radiance shines through clearly without stuffiness, no matter how many times you layer it

  • A daily product that even people who are trying the glow look for the first time can use easily, because it can be used on full makeup as well as no makeup

  • Not only enhances, but also doubles the product’s clear radiance, and helps the color look even more clear when it meets the water glow radiance


  • 01 Fresh Pink : The be-all and end-all, fresh, cool pink that requires no explanation
  • 02 Apricot Pink : The coral pink that proves its  worth when you want your face to radiate transparently
  • 03 Living Rred : The final destination for the color red where you can settle down without a second thought
  • 04 Neutral Coral : A pure coral color you’ll find yourself falling for when you put it on. A calm, burnt coral that you can concentrate on calmly
  • 05 Brick Title : An easy-to-use rose brick that you’ll find yourself using everyday because it isn’t murky
  • 06 Rose Wave (★2021 NEW★)
  • 07 Coralala (★2021 NEW★)

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