Peripera Airy Velvet




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It was good, but it's gotten even better ?! An amazing transformation of tint !!

High-Pigmentation, Lightweight, Soft, Moisturizing, Not Animal Tested

It was good, but it’s gotten even better?! An amazing transformation of tint "Ink Airy Velvet". Dive into the long-wearing lip color with Ink_Lasting. It's lacquer-like finish without feeling tacky or drying, creamy velvety texture.


  • Doesn't feel slippery and lingering on your lips.!
  • A flower petal like gradient color that dyes your lips like watercolors.
  • Even extremely dry and chapped lips can feel the moisture of ink airy velvet that leaces you out of words with just one touch.
  • Light as air ! Moisturizes inner lips ! Keep outer lips dry !

* How to use

Apply to lips using brush tip.

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  • by Sintia Rahayu on

    I love peripera ink airy velvet ♥♥

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